8 Ways to Sleep Better and Switch Off

We’ve all experienced it. The minute we crawl into bed we’re tossing and turning or scrolling through our Instagram feed and unable to fall fast asleep. Here are some things I do that help me switch off and make me sleep better.

1. Create a Routine

Creating a routine is important to improve your productivity and to be more organised. Wake up at a similar time each day and go to sleep at the same time each day. On weekdays I usually wake up around 6am every day and I’m in bed by 10-10:30pm. My body has adjusted to this routine and now I feel less tired when I wake up and more energised for my day.

2. Turn Off All Electronics

Turn off all electronics (put your phone on Do Not Disturb) one hour before bed. Instead, read a book and wind down. The blue light on our electronics hinders the production of melatonin and this results in us tossing and turing for hours as your body in’t preparing the hormones it needs to enter sleep.

3. Drink Herbal Tea

One thing I do every night is I drink a cup of chamomile tea. Now chamomile might not be everyone’s cup of tea (excuse the pun!) but it calms the mind and body and is a great sipper with a book in hand. If you’re not keen, find another herbal tea that you like, just make sure it doesn’t have any caffeine in it.

4. Meditate

Meditation is scientifically proven to help you sleep, be more mindful, reduce anxiety and make you in control of your thoughts. I meditate 10 minutes a day and use an app called Headspace. The first time you do it, time will drag, but be patient! It took me about a month to get on board with this, but I kept going and a year later, I’m still meditating.

5. Practice Yoga  

Around 50% of insomnia cases are caused by stress and emotional things. So, let’s try and eliminate the stresses in your life – even if it’s only a little bit. Yoga helps to calm your mind and body and whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi there’s a class out there for you. And even YouTube has full-length classes so you don’t even have to step out of your home!

6. Write in a Gratitude Journal

Seriously, this works! I’m always complaining about silly things. At times I get stressed easily, someone pushed in front of me on the Tube, I hate London, I have a spot – and the list goes on. I use The Five Minute Journal, it’s a gratitude journal that literally take 2 and a half minutes in the morning and 2 and a half minutes in the evening and doing this everyday ensures that I start and end my day on a positive note. Ask yourself this one question every morning: what 3 things you grateful for?

7. Exercise

Working out calms your mind and body down at night, but don’t exercise 2-3 hours before you sleep, otherwise your nervous system will be stimulated and won’t be able to wind down! Whether it’s running, going to the gym or doing yoga or Pilates find your favourite way to exercise and trust me it’ll make you feel really amazing.

8. Keep Hydrated

I am a huge culprit of not drinking enough water! I literally need a bottle in front of me to remind myself, but I can’t stress enough how important it is. Dehydration is a big reason why we feel tired. Your body has had 7-8 hours without any water, so if you’re feeling groggy in the morning it’s a sign that you may be dehydrated. Keep a bottle on you all day (preferably not a plastic one!) and keep sipping on it.

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