5 reasons to leave your phone at home

I was sitting on a train from Leuchers to Edinburgh when my phone ran out of battery. I was looking at the blank screen, pressing buttons hoping it would magically recharge itself so I could use it again thinking, what am I going to do now for 45 minutes? A moment of panic passed, but then I chose to embrace my non-technology journey.

As humans we always want to be doing something, and let’s be honest how many times have you just unlocked your phone and stared at it and then done this again every 5 minutes trying to find something more interesting than actually being in the present moment? And don’t even get me started on Pokemon Go – chase dreams, not Pokemon!

The average person looks at their phone approximately 80 times a day. Whenever we have a free moment, whether it’s on a commute, waiting in a queue, or waiting for a friend to come and meet us, we’re on our phones ‘liking’, posting, scrolling, texting, whatever can take us away from actually not doing anything. Here are 5 reasons to put your phone down, or,if you’re brave enough, leave it at home.

It’s good for your health
We’re all heads down in our technology. Not only is it bad for our eyes, staring at a bright screen, but it’s bad for our neck always looking down.

I looked up, watched all the people on the train, looked out of the window and enjoyed the present moment, right here in this seat, waiting to get to my destination.

It’s okay not to do something
It’s okay just to stand or sit and just be. We’re human beings, not human doing’s and somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten to just be.

Be present, in the moment. We don’t always need to be doing something.

You might have an interesting conversation with someone new
When I was on the train I came across a two young guys who sat on joined table with two other men. From the first 30 seconds they were talking. Talking about films, politics, jobs, where they’re from, where they’re going. And when the two young guys alighted the train at their stop, that was the end of it. They didn’t need their phones or WiFi, just good, healthy conversation.

Talk to the person next to you on your commute, who knows you might end up being good friends, or at least leave having a good conversation and human to human interaction.

You might see breathtaking landscapes
Being on a ScotRail train usually comes with pretty spectacular views around (yes, Scotland you’re a beaut), but regardless of where you live look out of the window, see the nature, the surroundings and take it all in.

You could read instead
And no, I don’t mean reading a book on your phone. Read a real book, with pages you can turn. Nothing beats having a book in hand – not even a kindle. If you’re going to get lost, don’t get lost scrolling through your Facebook news feed, get lost in a story, get lost in characters and plot twists.

β€œI Love Books. I love that moment when you open one and sink into it you can escape from the world, into a story that’s way more interesting than yours will ever be.” Elizabeth Scott

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