Time is going to pass no matter what, so you can keep living in your comfort zone, or you can take the leap

Do you know how scary it is to get up and leave your comfort zone and move really far away, where you don’t know a single soul? A couple of years ago, I created a courageous goal to move across the country to Scotland. And in 2017, I am (finally) going to do it.

Your twenties are your years of freedom, before buying a house, settling down and being a real grown-up. We all come up with a million excuses why we should stay and the fear of the unknown stops us taking chances, but with great risk comes reward. Here’s how I know I will be okay moving away:

I will make new friends

Making new friends doesn’t mean I will forget about my current friends. But it means that I can meet new people and expand my friend’s circle. As well as making new friends, a new environment will also allow me to reinvent myself.

I will learn about another culture

I am really inquisitive and when I visit a new place I like to immerse myself in my surroundings. You can’t go to a new place and be stuck in your own ways. You’ve got to embrace everything around you. Right, now where’s the shortbread?

I will be independent

I am already a very independent person, but moving across the country I know that I can only depend on myself. I’ve spent most of my life living with my parents and now I want to take responsibility for my own life, make mistakes and learn things in my own way.

I will let out my inner extrovert

I’m an ambivert – part introvert and part extrovert and sometimes going out in a social environment can be tricky, when all I want to do is stay in, watch films and eat pizza. Going somewhere where you don’t know a single soul can leave you spending a lot of time on your own. I am one of those people who loves their own company, but I also want to get out there and meet new people. And there is no way in hell I will let my social anxiety get the better of me.

I will find my own way

Every day we wake up, get ready and go through our day, usually on autopilot. Moving to a new place will make me more present. I will have to find my way around the transport system, I will have to find a new coffee shop to go to and will have to learn about my surroundings from scratch until I get acclimatised.

I will grow as a person

Growth can be very uncomfortable at times, but life is all about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. I will learn things about myself that I never knew and I will become a more confident and brave person.

I will have freedom

I can eat shortbread at 2am, or I can stay in and watch Netflix all weekend. The world is my oyster.

I know home will always be there

If I come back home in two or three months, it’s okay. The most important thing is that I took a step out of my comfort zone and explored a new place, lived on my own and created new experiences.

My choice to get up and move across the country is really ballsy and I am scared as hell. But even though I know I will be faced with new challenges, I know I will conquer them all because I’m ready to go all in with an open mind and an open heart. I hope this inspires you to face your fears and go for what you want, no matter what it is.

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