Stamp of (coffee) approval: The Disloyal 7

If you know me, you know I love my coffee. When I lived in London, I loved the specialty coffee culture – I even got involved with reviewing coffee shops for the London Coffee Guide and I spent some time as an editor at specialty coffee blog Perfect Daily Grind.

Since moving to Edinburgh, I have wandered the streets looking for my next caffeine stop and along the way I’ve come across quirky hole-in-the-wall joints with friendly baristas and good chats (and obviously good coffee).

Back in November 2016, seven of Edinburgh’s independent coffee shops joined forces and created a loyalty card encouraging coffee enthusiasts to visit each of the seven sites, getting their eighth coffee free at the cafe of their choosing. Seeing as I love a challenge and coffee, I decided to visit each site and claim my stamp of approval.

Each one of the Disloyal 7 have something a little different about them, but they all share the same core values. They’re collaborative; they support each other and work together in creating a welcoming and amazing coffee scene in Edinburgh. So, if you’re ever in Edinburgh, go and have a sipper at one (or all) of these coffee shops and collect your stamp to support local independents!

Fortitude – Situated in New Town, Fortitude is a small coffee bar that dedicates time and attention to every cup served. Get in early to grab a seat, or get a takeaway and wander the cobbled streets, coffee in hand.

Cult – Serving in Southside, Cult Espresso serves single origin coffee and has a breakfast and lunch menu if you get peckish. Did I mention they have bread and butter cake?

Filament Coffee – As well as Filly’s espresso and filters, they do bagels (YUMMO). Sit in and chill, comic in hand. There’s also a yoga class every Saturday morning for those of you who want to start the day with good vibes + coffee – taught by me!

Brew Lab – The oldest of the Disloyal 7. Brew Lab aren’t just about their coffee. They also serve craft beers, wine and cocktails. Dranks anyone?

Baba Budan – Doughnuts. That is all.

Lowdown Coffee – If you’re strolling down George St. don’t miss a caffeine stop at Lowdown – that should fuel you for more Edin shopping.

Cairngorm Coffee – ‘Conceived in the Highlands and founded in Edinburgh’, Cairngorm Coffee has two locations and does the best grilled cheese sandwich in town.

Feature image credit: Sprudge

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