Wrap up: Edinburgh Festival 2017

It’s been my first year at Edinburgh Fringe and it’s been 70 years since the Fringe started! During the month of August talent from all over the world come to Edinburgh to perform, from dance, theatre, drama, comedy and circus – to name a few, this festival is full of things to see for everybody. And I was making it my mission to see some things and immerse myself as much as I could in what the Fringe had to offer, so I got the big yellow pages-like book, sat down and starting going through it page by page highlighting what I think I might like.

Through recommendations from work colleagues, friends and even comedians, I was ready to take on what the festival had to offer and here are some of my picks!

James Loveridge, Suspiciously Happy

Yes, the world is falling apart bit-by-bit, it’s on the ‘brink of collapse’, am I right? But James Loveridge is a happy-go-lucky comedian who recently got engaged, has a great relationship with his cat and is basically just trying not to fuck it all up! James was my first show at Fringe and one of the first comedy shows I’ve ever seen. Being a happy carefree person myself I couldn’t wait to sit in the front row (yes, I’m that girl) and I enjoyed every minute, leaving as happy and smiley as can be! If James is around in 2018, I highly recommend you go and see him!

My Dad Wrote a Porno: Live

When I told people at work about My Dad Wrote a Porno, they actually thought that I was talking about how My Dad Wrote a Porno. Oh no, I’m not that unlucky. But laughing at the expense of Jamie Morton, whose dad actually wrote a porno was fun! #sorrynotsorry I started listening to the podcast over a year ago now and it is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Together with James Cooper and Alice Levine, the porno trio landed in Edinburgh to read an unheard chapter from Belinda Blinked. And with only two live shows on during the Fringe, I nabbed my ticket back in April and laughed so hard for the entire hour. What perverts we are, hey?

Circa: Humans

Comedian after comedian after comedian, I decided to go and watch an acrobat show. This show was all about what it means to be human, what our bodies can do and how we are all connected. Two words: Mind blown! Being a yoga teacher, I really appreciated this show. I love moving my body and seeing what it can do and this show was on another level, making handstands and balances look so easy and seamless!

New life goal: Become an Acrobat

Tom Goodliffe’s Coffee Run

I was flicking through Caffeine magazine a month before Fringe started and read an interview with Tom Goodliffe all about his show at the Fringe this year. I thought to myself, a show all about specialty coffee with a FREE cup of specialty coffee on arrival? All my #coffeefornims dreams have come true. During the show, Tom took us through his challenge of visiting all the coffee shops on the London Specialty Coffee Map, in one day. It took me back to when I used to live in London and visit all these cafes and reminded me that being a coffee geek isn’t such a bad thing!

Fringe finale fireworks

Bringing the festival to a close, the Virgin Money fireworks display marked the end of August in Edinburgh with a concert from the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens and fireworks with a backdrop of the castle. Venturing up Salisbury Crags and finding a spot of grass was amazing to avoid the city crowds, take in the surrounding views and watch the fireworks. I was in awe!

My first time at the festival was amazing. I saw a selection of amazing shows, ate a lot of pizza and street food and I can’t wait until 2018. I am so grateful that I live in such a magical city that invites over four million people each year for the largest arts festival in the world.

TO 2018 BABY!


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