12 hours in the highlands

Forests, fresh air, mountains (lots of them), coos, kilts and whisky. Sums up Scotland, doesn’t it? I’ve been living in Edinburgh for six months now, but I’ve never been to the highlands, so I spent 12 hours there, visiting various different places all the way up to Loch Ness and back again.

I knew that the highlands were beautiful. So many friends have told me and I’ve seen many pictures, but I was amazed at how beautiful it really is, especially when you’re standing in Scotland’s most famous glen, peering up at the enormous mountains surrounding you.

Starting our journey out of the city, our first stop was Pitlochry, a town in Perthshire, After a couple more hours on the road, we reached Fort Augustus, the gateway of Loch Ness where we spent most of our time walking, exploring and keeping our eyes peeled for Nessie appearing from the waters!

Making our way down again, we drove through Fort William and caught a glimpse of the highest peak in the UK, Ben Nevis, then headed to Glencoe and Doune castle, reaching safely back to Edinburgh in 12 hours. Even the pictures don’t do it justice,  however, they do speak a thousand words, so feast your eyes on bonnie Scotland from my eyes!


Christmas shop in Pitlochry

IMG_0832Loch Laagan



Loch Ness – there’s more water in Loch Ness than the rivers and lakes in England and Wales combined.


Oh how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful country!

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